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Lesson 8 – Ice

At the beginning of each shift:
· Ensure the ice well is emptied and cleaned from the previous night.
· Fill ice wells.
· Ensure there is backup ice and that the Ice machine is working.

During Service:

Always fill the glass with ice first.
· Only use an ice-scoop to scoop up the ice.
· Never use any form of glass to scoop up ice.
· Never put any wine/beer bottles or glasses in the same ice-well as your service ice.
· If a glass breaks near or in an ice well, cover the rest of the ice with grenadine before you do ANYTHING else. Then clean the ice well TOTALLY, throwing ALL ice away, and refill with new ice.
· Never handle ice with your hands.
· The ice-well should have a drain to prevent the ice from becoming ‘wet’.
· Always empty (dispose of ice) and clean the ice-well at the end of the shift.