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Tequila Certification Course


A comprehensive class on the foundations of tequila with certification by the International Tequila Academy.

Course material covers the following:

  • Understanding tequila basics
  • How to read a tequila label
  • The systematic approach to tequila tasting
  • Denomination of origin
  • Debunking tequila myths
  • Certificate upon passing the exam and so much more

In person training by ITA Certified Sommelier, Keegan Smith

Pre-Requisite: Proficient in English, Competency in basic mathematics, Must be at least 18 years old

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  • Denomination of Origin - states & regulations
  • NOM Number
  • Classifications - blanco, joven, reposado, añejo, extra añejo
  • Categories - Tequila, 100% agave
  • Misc. Labeling items - Alcohol by Volume, Net Quantity
  • The basic steps of traditional tequila production - jima, hydrolysis(cooking), extraction, fermentation, distillation
  • Production tools - brick oven, autoclave, tahona, roller mill, diffuser, pot still, column still
  • Basic agave facts - maturation time, agave tequilana
  • Tequila Service basics: expiry, effect of oxygen, vessel, serving temperature
  • The systematic approach to tequila tasting
  • Debunking tequila myths: tequila worm, cactus/agave, salt and lime, the darker the better, hangover etc.
  • Cristalino, flavored, mixto tequilas
  • Tequila as Mezcal - common roots, similarities, differences

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20-24 May, 10-14 June, 8-12 July, 15-19 July, 9-13 Sep, 7-11 Oct, 11-15 Nov


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