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Tools of the trade

Tools of the Trade are the basic, personal equipment that all bartenders (and usually waiters as well) are expected to have on them at all times, as a basic requirement to perform their job. Some places might provide these items but it is usually a good idea to invest in a personal set that stays with you. Some bartenders will store these items in a pouch or apron pocket.

Your tools of the trade are as follows:

1. Bar Blade There are many styles of bottle opener available however the bar blade is a great option for fast and efficient opening.

2. 2 x Pens – At least one pen is essential however keeping two is a good idea in case one stops working during your shift, you might have two guests signing credit cards simultaneously or someone might just want to borrow one for a moment.

3. Waiters Friend – These include a corkscrew and foil cutter and are very important for opening wine bottles. They can also double as a bottle opener.

4. Lighter – Although most bars are now non-smoking, it is still a good idea to have a lighter on you as they are still used in many situations behind the bar.

5. Dry Cloth – Should be clean and kept on your belt at all times. This cloth is generally used for wiping your hands and not for the bar counter etc.

6. Wet cloth – This is something that you must check for when you walk into a bar. It is used for wiping the bar counter and for wiping spills. Store near a soapy water bucket to be able to rinse out.