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An intensive course designed to give bartenders the necessary skills to work a bar under a fair amount of pressure whilst making cocktails. The course includes theory and practical exams.



The ideal course to teach budding baristas everything they need to know about the world of coffee and the skills required to make an amazing coffee at home or in a cafe.

Course Duration: 5 Hours

Bartending Course

Module 1 – The Role of a Bartender
Module 2 – Tools of the Trade and Glassware
Module 3 – Pouring techniques
Module 4 – Customer Service and Responsible service of alcohol
Module 5 – Managing time more effectively and efficiently behind the bar
Module 6 – Introduction cocktail making techniques and introduction to classic cocktails

Barista Course

Module 1 – History and origin of coffee
Module 2 – How to use a coffee machine
Module 3 – How to atomise milk
Module 4 – How to make various types of coffees
Module 5 – How to clean and maintain a coffee machine

Happy Students

Enjoyed the bartender course even though it was very intense. Learnt so much and now have a wonderful job in an award wining restaurant.

- Micheal Mdala


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